Crucifixions Today: Who’s on the Cross?

Putting endangered species on the cross is neither sacrilege nor inaccurate. These species are expressions of God’s presence and are being crucified by the powers of empire, corporations, major banks, big pharma, big ag, and consenting religion. Just like Rome’s imperial powers and the Jewish Temple elite collaborated to crucify Jesus because he got in their way, so today’s endangered species are in the way of making money and holding power.

The Mass and Holy Communion: Personal Salvation or Earth’s Sacrament of Life

Most congregations today focus on personal matters, including personal salvation, and on maintaining their institutions. Yet, they are at a loss for how to re-center their focus, their teaching and practice on saving life on Earth. Does anyone feel irrelevance here?

The clergy celebrating Mass, Communion, or the Lord’s Supper have, for so many centuries, focused on personal salvation when breaking bread and holding up the chalice. It has me wondering whether they even see “the far more” that lies beyond this narrow, individualistic meaning? I empathize. For 32 years I was exactly that kind of clergy.

Loving Money; Loving Earth

The wisdom of the ancient saying that “the love of money is a root of all evil” has never shown more clarity on what’s happening in the world than what it does today.

Now, counter that in our thinking with: the wisdom that “the love of Earth is a root of good beyond what we’ve yet imagined.”

A Jubilee of Release for Women

The oppression of women is in high gear everywhere. Currently, in the U.S. exceptional efforts are denying women control of their bodies. This oppression is being enforced by laws and upheld in courts. Those deciding are mostly men. All the while, men have a wide range of choices when it comes to decisions about their bodies—especially white men.