A trip focused on ecology and social justice

· See the activities of the Jubilee Circles in Mexico

· Hear the stories of interesting people in their daily joys, struggles, and spiritual path

· Great opportunity to grow, to get outside our boxes and accompany OneEarth Justice Mexican style

· Get all the way to the southernmost state of Mexico

· Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of OneEarth Jubilee





OneEarth Jubilee Circles

Find out more, apply, or register at:

Email:  john at jubilee-economics.org

Voice:  619-354-6255 (Text or Call)


My personal reflection is that I learned a huge amount and felt so gifted to have been offered a window into the work of these JEM Circles and the indigenous people of Southern Mexico. The idea of collectives and groups of people working in collaboration was impressive.  — Chris Justice

What We Get and What We Give in a OneEarth Journey


  • The OneEarth Journey helps us see ourselves from the perspective of another culture and to learn from people living in an economy that doesn’t work well for them.
  • Our Journey will be an immersion into what’s happening as people of various economic capacities, cultures, and spirituality mobilize to meet the global efforts to keep Earth below the 1.5°C rise that scientists now agree is critical. This Journey helps build the mobilization for this massive ecological-economic-spiritual undertaking.
  • Build the movement so that our “leaders” will follow the way out of supersized MultiEarth ways into Earth-sized living.
  • Be in solidarity with those for whom the systems of civilization do not work. Solidarity is an important step in saying “No” to the abuse by governments and transnational corporations and “Yes” to OneEarth ways. The more the powers that rule seek to isolate us from one another, the more our interconnectedness matters.

Cindy and Margot … participated in an Alter-Nativa mushroom workshop. They were able to see the social, political, and economic reality of Chiapas, see the natural beauty of the land, and meet with wonderful people trying to make a difference for those marginalized.  The ladies also brought something to share … Cindy brought a health kit to check blood pressure, blood sugar, and oxygen levels and Margot shared her …  knowledge of yoga.  Margot commented to us in the car on the way back to the airport, “If you want to change your life, go to Chiapas.”   We are hoping that this visit will be the first of many visits. — Lindsey Mercer-Robledo

Themes of the Journey

  • Who are the people drawn to OneEarth Jubilee ways and why?
  • What are the Zapatistas teaching us?
  • Why is there a resurgence in botanical medicines among Indigenous peoples?
  • How is development via international corporations taking resources without benefiting people in poverty?
  • Which corporations contribute to water scarcity?
  • What are the causes of deforestation?
  • How are Indigenous women being empowered?
  • How are organic growing and mushroom farming empowering people?
  • What do compostable toilets bring?

Costs of the Journey

  • Roundtrip from San Diego
  • Including all air travel, buses, taxis, lodging, and meals.
  • You’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses except for the items you choose to purchase.
  • $1275 Early bird registrations received by April 1, 2020. (possible changes depending on airfares)
  • $1475 After April 1

Ecological Offset

  • For ecological purposes, you may wish to offset the amount of CO2 this trip puts into the atmosphere. A voluntary contribution can be made to the Jubilee Tree Fund.  The trees that are planted will offset the CO2 emissions.  (We will tell you the amount of CO2 this trip puts into the atmosphere.)