Watch this page for news from the Jubilee Circles. OneEarth Jubilee organizes for study, reflection, and action in Circles of 2-6 people. Currently, there are Jubilee Circles in San Diego, California, another in San Cristobal, Chiapas (MX), a third in San Mateo, Puebla (MX). You are encouraged to form a new Circle where you live.

SD Jubilee Circle — In this 20th Anniversary year of Jubilee Economics Ministries,[MEC id=”155″] the SD Circle is focused on several special events: a trip to Mexico, a weekend conference, tree planting, and an anniversary celebration. 

  • In mid-February, John Michno officially came onto the payroll at half-time. He’d been working since Dec of 2019 and has made a huge difference with the various relationships and networks he is part of.
  • In March, the SD Circle shared its effort to add $30,000 to the budget of $48,000 and connect with 40 new donors.

In San Cristobal, Chiapas, MX, your donations help serve the underserved.

  • As the JEM budget increases, the three Circles work in partnership on how to redistribute the funds. San Cristobal, for example, will receive $1000/mo starting immediately, an increase from the $800/mo previously.
  • In the San Cristobal Circle, Gloria continues extraordinary work empowering women economically and politically. She live streams a show each week on Facebook. Her work with women is through a program begun in Latin America, communitarian feminism, and changes the lives of scores of women.
  • Many of these same women are part of the Plaza Communitaria (somewhat like a farmer’s market that also offers free workshops and cultural activities). Lindsey and Isai facilitate the Plaza making sure each event runs smoothly. The Plaza improves the women’s options by selling handmade, artisan products—a bit of income for their scarce livelihoods.
  • Pedro develops leadership for small congregations through the Yobel School that he and Dan Swanson started. Yobel collaborates with other Chiapas institutions to bring top leadership to teach seminars and workshops in reading the Bible in the local context (often called decolonizing the Bible) and care of creation.

In San Mateo, Puebla, MX, you sustain life-changing work on a really low budget.

  • Jacqueline has joined the Circle. She makes sure the Centro Cultural and the new dry toilets are functioning in top shape.
  • Angelica, a doctor in the Circle in San Mateo, sees patients worried about Covid-19 and checks their symptoms. She teaches biology at her son’s school. She says, “I have had the opportunity to educate young people about caring for the environment, valuing our natural resources, searching for ways to create sustainable development, preserving the flora and fauna of our community, and fighting against the voracity of the human being.”
  • Artesanas Shalom continues to be a place where women find and hone their artistic and business abilities. They are celebrating their 3rd Anniversary as a cooperative of women artisans. This is extra important because women are experiencing an uptick in violence and death for being … women.
  • As the annual budget of the three Circles grows, the San Mateo Circle is eager to add leadership to provide the classes and cultural activities for children, youth, and parents at the Centro Cultural Dan Swanson. All activities meet urgent local needs.
  • You can connect to their website at