Church Experiences Taught Me God Is Love, But Not This

To be sure, “God is love.” It’s such a short phrase that a small child can learn it instantly. And it’s good theology, which is more than can be said for some short phrases learned in religious education…. Truth is, I learned the phrase much too early—before I could reflect on many of the profound meanings of this phrase. Before anyone could teach me that love is love, no matter the genders, nations, or species, and that where love is, God is there.

Our Food Choices Are Moral and Spiritual Choices

Key to all our actions to building a stronger OneEarth food system is being guided by the OneEarth Paradigm. Do our food decisions strengthen the OneEarth agriculture paradigm? The more times we can answer “Yes,” the more our actions are making a difference for Earth’s benefit and ours. Every time we need to answer “No,” we are reminded that we need to look for a different choice.

The Call to Earth-centered Living

In the 21st century, no human can be deaf to this collective Call to Earth-centered living. The voice rises from our souls, and comes at us from Earth through her weather, oceans, and lands. Soul and Earth speak with one voice. They add resonance to one another like octaves played on a keyboard.