Local Economies that Work and Bring Change

The OneEarth Jubilee Circles, working in their local contexts, are working with people to create a local economy from the bottom up. People told us about how they have found they together can be agents of change when they work together and create groups in solidarity for OneEarth structures. Their excitement is palpable as they testified to us of the changes in their own lives and taught us how they were doing it.

Foster and Support Local Economies for Real Change

Typically, we make purchases based on certain criteria. “Where is it cheapest?” or “What is most convenient?” and others. But what if we trained ourselves to ask first: “What is the most local?” “How can I support the local economy and also make real change in the world?” After making local our priority, then other questions can follow.

The Poison in Patriarchal Religion; The Spirit in Creation Spirituality

Too many brands of religion have forgotten those stories of their tradition that subvert patriarchal culture and heal the people, animals, and ecology that have been poisoned by it. Caught unconsciously in the patriarchal grasp, brands of patriarchal religion lend selected sacred texts to the cause. So today patriarchal systems and powers, determined to hold onto dominance, are insufficiently challenged by strong powers of the Spirit.