Nature Speaks: We’re in This Together

We will not succeed on our journey into the larger topographies of OneEarth consciousness without increased connections with the Wild. Henry David Thoreau opened others’ eyes to this essential connection when he structured his life to include experiences of wilderness. Far from escapism, his connection with Nature kept fresh his Call to a OneEarth world.

Nature Is Our Willing Ally

I was not reared to live or think this way. During my fundamentalist youth I was told by teachers that Nature is great but can’t be trusted for the way of salvation. For that we need to seek the wisdom of the Bible. Today I set that teaching on its head. Nature is, I feel sure, our primary sacred text, and we cannot find our way into any kind of salvation (wholeness) without the oneness of all.

When Corporations Rule the World

I was skeptical as I began reading the book, thinking that the title was tainted with hype to increase the book’s sales. But as I read Korten’s personal story (I knew nothing about him before opening this book), his life experiences softened my skepticism.