Changes from the 2021 Covenant include emphasizing the sacred and need for group action. Ecological crises on our planet show signs of bringing a crescendo of disasters in this decade. Structuring our actions within the OneEarth Jubilee worldview are no longer optional, but essential, given the ecological and anti-democracy forces underway. We resist those forces by working on better alternatives. This Covenant will help us.

Practicing The Sacred

______I will embrace the worldview that sees the sacred in all things and all processes.

I will see myself as part of nature, not above it, and integral with the interdependence of all that is.

Support Local

Because strengthening my local economy has become more important to me than convenience,

_____I will buy locally. If I shop online, I will find what I want, but then buy it locally if possible.

_____I will use cooperatives whenever I can, preferring them to other business models.

_____I will urge all groups, where I have influence, to take these actions also.

Food, Land, Water Structures and Over-population

Eating—In a global, unstable, industrial food supply system, and recognizing that what and where I eat is a strong lever for system change…

_____I will buy from the most local suppliers, from local growers, from farmers markets, and grow some of what I eat.

_____I will eat a largely plant-based diet, low-meat, avoid sodas, and drink clean, unbottled water. All I eat and drink will be as local as possible.

_____I will eat organic because it assures healthy soils without chemical toxins added to the land and animals are treated humanely instead of the factory farm industry that supplies nearly all meats as they devastate soils and water at devastating speeds.

Over-consuming and over-population—Given that the growth economy depends on over-consuming and large human markets,

_____I will learn the joy of living with what I perceive to be a fair share of what Earth supplies.

_____I will work to empower women globally to be educated and engaged civically and politically. I will donate to and support organizations that work on justice for women, knowing that it is also the primary means to balance human population on the planet.

Financial Structures and Democracy

Banking—In a finance world where mega-banks finance ecologically destructive projects and are protected from failing,

_____I will use a local bank, credit union, or community development financial institution (cdfi) for my transactions.

Debt—Given that much of debt enslaves our souls to banking institutions,

_____I will use no more than two credit cards and pay them off each month. Debt owed me that cannot be paid, I will forgive after no more than seven years. If possible, I will join or support debt forgiving organizations like mutual aid groups, the Debt Collective, Jubilee USA Network.

Investing—If I have investments,

_____I will withdraw funds from fossil fuel entities and invest in the most just ways possible.


_____I will give generously from my financial resources to causes that assist planet Earth and the work of justice, including the work of OneEarth Jubilee

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