In the Uprising of Jesus

Jubilee is overlooked or cast aside by most people identifying as Jew or Christian. But not by Wes Howard-Brook, adjunct faculty at Seattle University, a Jesuit Catholic University in the middle of Seattle. Wes understands that Jubilee is not a matter of a few references scattered throughout the Bible, but part of the worldview of creation religion which, throughout the Bible, resists the worldview of empire religion.

Our Critical Choice: Which Macro-Story Shall We Choose in Our Current Crises

When I wrote my first book, I was wrestling with a question that baffled me: Why do we humans continue to live using the resources of more than one planet even when we know we have only one planet to live on? Early on in the writing process, a recognition grew in me that not all humans did live this way. That, in fact, there are two macro-stories that guide human decisions and actions.