August 2023 Jubileo: News & Updates

The special need was a leaky roof—not only dripping but multiple little streams. These leaks in the large tarp roof over the Dan Swanson Centro Cultural interfered with all the activities (and there are many) happening in the cultural center. The estimate to replace the roof? $1500. Impossible in the financial reality of the Jubilee Circle in San Mateo.

July 2023 Jubileo: News & Updates

Choosing a bank is one of the core choices we make for a new economy. Banking and finance take us to the heart of economic change, and to the heart of spiritual practice. One of Jesus’ most widely recognized sayings is that in economics, we must often choose between competing deities, God and Mammon. When JEM receives your donations we want you to know that your donation will get to work immediately financing aspects of a OneEarth Jubilee economy—even before we redistribute it for ministries in the Jubilee Circles.

The Struggle! It’s Worth It!

Earth doesn’t negotiate on CO2; nor make political deals. Humanity MUST change or various eco-regions will collapse, unable to support current usage. The Powers of corporations and governments must change systems. Considering also personal and group changes, which changes can each of us facilitate? To do so implements creation-based living and a foundation for the OneEarth Jubilee economy.

Jubileo Special Edition

What follows is a synopsis of eight days six of us had with three Jubilee Economic Ministries (JEM) Circles in Mexico. It fails to share the emotions we experienced or even all the activities. For that, you really need to have been with us. Let us know if you’d like to travel with us on the next trip.