March 2023 Jubileo: News & Updates

Big Drama of Funding a Small Faith-Based Nonprofit (JEM) by Lee Van Ham In January, JEM opened the envelope with the latest bank statement. The bank balance was the lowest it had been in three years. Despite our frugality, more had been distributed across the Circles than had come in through donations. Heading toward the…

January 2023 Jubileo: News & Updates

There were a dozen participants in the January 7 OneEarth Jubilee Forum on the crisis of biodiversity loss. We began with the serenity prayer and a startling quote from scientists:
“…of the many dimensions of anthropogenic global change … the most critical, complex and challenging is that of biodiversity loss,” the researchers said. (The Guardian, 12-7-2022).

December 2022 Jubileo: News & Updates

The Jubilee Forum on December 3, focused on the religious nature of economics. We moved past the assumption that economics is a secular matter, separate from spiritual matters. Here are a few examples of how the religion of economics is manifest:

Economics has a view of human nature. We are consumers making decisions based on cost, prestige, and some greed.
Economics views nature as subordinate to profits. So are people for that matter.
Economics gives attributes of deity to “The Market.” Wrestling with this deity earns one respect and wealth. The Market functions as long as people believe in it.