The Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast

Podcasting is an important component in the educational work of OneEarth Living. Each month we interview someone who works with alternatives to MultiEarth living and shows ways for us to deepen our commitment to compassionate, essential OneEarth living. In the 2020s, we all need to be training one another in the more radical changes that Earth is requiring of us to keep the planet livable. The episodes are created in collaboration with Simple Living Works, hence the name Simpler OneEarth Living. Gerald Iversen and Lee Van Ham are co-hosts.
Before we called our podcasting Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast, we called it The Common Good Podcast.

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Episode 0119:: Immigration and Borders: Horrors, Opportunities, and Needs—Talking with Jimmy Marcelin

This January podcast features an interview with Jimmy Marcelin, the playmaker at Safe Harbors, San Diego, where 100 to 300 immigrants arrive daily after crossing the busiest border crossing in the world, the Tijuana to San Diego crossing. They’ve crossed into the U.S. through the Tijuana-San Diego crossing, just 17 miles south of Safe Harbor’s…

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