June 2021 Jubileo: News & Updates

In 2000, a group began a nonprofit, 501(c)3, Jubilee Economics Ministries, inspired to action after reading the book by Ross and Gloria Kinsler, The Biblical Jubilee and the Struggle for Life. That book was shaped by Ross and Gloria’s Latin America experiences, including the question many Latin Americans asked them, “Why is U.S. policy so regressive in Latin America, supporting dictators more often than democracies?”

May 2021 Jubileo: News & Updates

The climate emergency isn’t coming, it’s now … and it’s been with us for some time. We have a deadline. 2030, the year that hundreds of international scientists have agreed is the deadline for actions to keep Earth from heating over 1.5° above pre-industrial levels. Beyond that, Earth will force our lives to change far beyond anything we want. And the changes will be beyond our control. Some congregations, faith organizations, and faith-based campuses are hurrying to develop actions that help save life on our planet. Others aren’t.

April 2021 News: Appreciating Earth Day 2021 with Spiritual Practices

Once upon a time, San Cristobal de Las Casas was surrounded by wetlands. Over the years, these wetlands have been cemented over and now have houses, supermarkets, roads, and a bottling plant sitting on top of their graves. Now, though experts vary on how many wetlands remain here, many agree that around 25% remain in our precious community. Why are the wetlands so important to us?

February 2021 News

Jubilee Is a Vigorous Practice of Participatory Democracy Democracy! In recent months we’ve experienced great tension between energies intent on democracy versus more authoritarian ways. Black history month! A strong reminder that skin color is not a reason to exclude anyone from the fullness of democratic systems. Jubilee! The biblical Jubilee is inherently committed to…