Living in a Time of Dying

Depressing or inspiring? Though I feared getting depressed, I recently agreed to watch the documentary, “Living in the Time of Dying” (YouTube). But I was greatly surprised! I felt inspired. My convictions about how I wanted to live grew stronger.

It’s a 54 minute documentary produced by Australian Michael Shaw featuring Catherine Ingram, Dahr Jamail, Jem Bendell and Stan Rushworth (Indigenous).

Jesus before Christianity

Humans have been disconnected from Earth, from Nature. It’s a terrible wound. Lethal. Churches have not done enough to heal this deadly wound. Jesus’ ways do. He was deeply connected with Earth/Creation. Churches have not been thus for millennia. Few seem poised to help, desperate as the need is.

He Froze Me with His Question

Every morning I wake up and wonder what I can do for The Resistance,” he said. We were in Nuevo Yibeljoj, an Indigenous village in the beautiful highlands of Chiapas, MX. Then this elder of the Tzotzili people looked at the three of us and asked, “What are you doing for The Resistance?” I froze.

February 2022 Jubileo: News & Updates

Much of the work for change, from teaching to policy-making to street activism, is less than it could be because it overlooks the sacredness of all that is. Many of us in our learning, though schooled in many good skills, were not trained to heighten our ability to detect the Spirit’s powerful flows. Consider this. Earth science has discovered in the past 25 years that 80% or all known life on our planet is underground, and that the activity of those species has enormous impact in generating life. This discovery vastly changes how we think about soil and work with its powers. The same happens when we discover the flows of Spirit.