November 2021 Jubileo: News & Updates

This month, at the global climate change talks, COP26 United Nations leaders set targets to plant trees. The San Diego Jubilee Circle is doing just that — planting trees in backyards around the county.

San Diego Jubilee Circle members gave impetus to a community tree give-away event where people learned about how to plant and care for trees. Thirty people went home with several dozen trees; 30% are already planted.

Episode 1121—Lauren Van Ham: Radical Inter-religious Cooperation Is Working to Save Life on Our Planet

This episode of the OneEarth Simpler Living Podcast tells how religions are working together to forge new possibilities in ecology, economics, and women’s empowerment—all are making real difference in their communities. One way this cooperation is happening is through inter-religious circles formed through United Religions Initiatives (URI).