Practicing OneEarth

Click on the fields below to read about how a OneEarth Jubilee can be practiced in society so that our dollars and energies advance the jubilee for living sustainably today.

Investing Green

It is rewarding to know that our invested capital, not just the return we receive on it, can energize a new economy. JEM encourages the moving of invested money from the paradigm that is focused only on profit maximization, to the paradigm of the common good and the economics in which all species can thrive.

Land Use

A community land trust (CLT) gives us a strong legal mechanism to practice jubilee economics today. It recognizes the sacredness of land, that land is too powerful to be completely commoditized or privatized. Land gives power, and if a community is to be empowered to make choices to live its values, a way of holding land in common is necessary.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is a market-based approach to sustainable development that links consumers directly with producers, thereby reducing the number of levels in the distribution chain. As a result, a greater share of revenue gets in the hands of small-scale farmers.

Food Choice

Just think of how our food choices impact the economy! We can feed the world, restore soil, care for farm workers, eat and drink healthy, contribute to local food independence, change policies, wean farming away from industrial, corporate-run agri-business—in a phrase, change the economic paradigm! And, we can do this by our daily eating choices.

Toward Green Energy

All of Creation now cries out for us to live within her limits as we gratefully receive her abundance. “350” is one of her limits; fresh solar energy—more than what all of the planet uses each day—is her abundance.

Informed Banking

When a bank receives our deposit, they hit the “Mute” button on our voice, and the “Amplify” button on their own. Depending on the bank, the energy of our deposit, and therefore our lives, goes into building a better world or destroying this one—regardless of what our own moral values or life-purposes are.

Artistic & Prophetic Imagination

Creativity, art, symbol, and ritual are essential tools for transformative change to an economy of life. Fortunately, many artists know this, even though others are captive to the status quo.

Economics & Spirit

Spirit energizes all of us—either the Spirit of the times or the Divine Spirit. It is the Divine Spirit that creates a different economic story in us from what we hear in the prevailing conversations because she views reality differently and speaks from that different paradigm.